• Jacket and skirt by Dolce & Gabbana

    herself. “A reporter asked me about it,” she recalls, “and I said I was looking at sketches. Somehow that ended up as ‘Christina’s designing the dress!’, which I have no intention of doing.”

    In terms of the color, at least, she’s already clear. “My mother wore a baby-blue Betsey Johnson for her wedding,” she says. “At first, I thought it would be sweet to be a bride in blue, and then I thought, no. It’s the one time, God willing, that I’ll wear a wedding dress, so I’m wearing white.”

    As the planning for the big day becomes more intense, Ricci is determined to stay calm. “I just want everyone to have a nice time and to feel happy,” she says of her wedding. “I could have easily gone the other way, where I was controlling every detail, but

    “I DEFINITELY want to have a FAMILY. So for me, when it happens, it HAPPENS”

    it’s so unpleasant to be like that. If the flowers aren’t exactly the right shade, then so be it.”

    Meanwhile, Ricci is getting ready to promote her new film, an Australian indie coming-of-age tale, Around The Block, and is also the voice of Vexy, in soon-to-be released Smurfs 2. Ricci is turning her thoughts to the future, too. She and Heerdegen have talked of buying a brownstone in Brooklyn. “I definitely want to have a family,” she says, her face lighting up at the thought. “But it seems impossible to plan that kind of thing. So for me, when it happens, it happens.” Until then, the two are living a happily under-the-radar existence in stylish Williamsburg, just across the river from our rendezvous.

    Ricci huddles back into her raincoat, bracing herself for the rain. Outside on the Bowery, I watch as she walks toward the subway. The storm clouds begin to shift and the sky momentarily brightens. Definitely not gloomy, I think, not gloomy at all.
    Around The Block is out later this year


    Creative director: Jo Baldwin. Hair: Creighton Bowman. Makeup: Kim Bower. Nails: Julie Kandalec at Bryan Bantry. Fashion assistant: Sofia Catania

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