• Sweater and skirt by Neil Barrett; bracelet by Monica Vinader

    from the table. "That's why UGGs were so popular. Girls felt like their legs looked stick-like, because the shoe was so big on the foot."

    It is this effortless style that makes her the poster girl for the iconic model-off-duty look. "If I can contribute to fashion, it would be about comfortable clothes that look cool. When you wake up at six in the morning, you don't want to put on 10-inch heels and a dress and parade into work."

    This realness is part of Jagger's appeal. She famously refused to have braces as a child "to perfect" her teeth; now her gap-toothed grin is considered one of her most famous traits. "Obviously, I love Georgia's gappy teeth," Grand smiles, showing her own.

    In an age of social media, authenticity is a bonus. "There

    “There’s this IDEA of perfection in modeling. It’s good to REALIZE everyone is HUMAN”

    have been some interesting debates about my teeth on Instagram," says Jagger. "When 12-year-olds tell you to go get braces and then someone answers, 'Don't tell her what to do', that's really sweet. There's this whole idea of perfection [in modeling]. What younger girls don't realize is that these girls do have problems. It's good for people to realize everyone is human. I still worry I'm going to look weird as I get older. I'll be a weird old woman with scary teeth," she laughs.

    Considering her model pedigree, those fears will undoubtedly remain unfounded. Along with her young model peers, Jagger's star is in the ascent, and Grand is a resolute supporter. "They are the girls who make [my new collection] look so convincing. You put these girls together in a room and their personalities all shine through," says Grand. "Georgia doesn't take herself too seriously [and I] want it to be fun. Hogan isn't about selling dreams. It's about a really nice shoe and a really nice bag. That should always be fun."


    Model: Georgia May Jagger at Tess Management. Art Direction: Jon Wetherell. Hair: Daniel Martin at D+V. Makeup: Laura Dominique at Streeters. Fashion assistants: Helen Broadfoot, Charlotte Blazeby and Frankie Read

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