• Style Rethink
    Can a chic athletic look
    work for sports-phobic CHRISTA D’SOUZA? It’s game on in the style stakes

    I have an admission to make: I am not good at sports. At school, I was always the last to be picked for any team game, and I have yet to perfect the butterfly stroke. But does any of this shake my belief that I am the ultimate sportswoman? Of course not.

    Then there is that Olympian/Friday Night Lights look; I can’t pretend I don’t have a little crush on that, too. It must hark back to school where, to be popular, it was mandatory to be a bit of a jockette, regardless of whether you actually took part in gym class. That stuff sticks: years later, I still know that a white stripe down the side of a leg, a racer-back tee or


    Photograph: Nagi Sakai

    The Edit


    Clean lines and flashes of fluoro are a winning combination

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