• Top and skirt by Christopher Kane

    Fashion polymath Katie Grand and model Georgia May Jagger are sitting on a sofa in a north London studio, exchanging knowing glances. It is the day after the FW13 Milan campaign shoot for Katie Grand Loves Hogan, in which Jagger starred with nine other
    new-generation British models, including her best friend, Cara Delevingne. Grand and Jagger, however, are discussing another star name in the modeling firmament, as Grand relays her first encounter with Georgia's mother, '70s supermodel Jerry Hall.

    "It was for Dazed & Confused [the magazine on which Grand began her fashion journey in 1992]," says the editor-in-chief of Love, tastemaker and now designer. "I had taken Jerry four Comme des Garçons tops to New York and I wanted to shoot her with no makeup." No makeup is not part of Jerry Hall's lexicon – never was, and never will be. "She was all, 'Yeah, yeah'. But on the shoot, I would turn around and catch her adding a touch of blush!"

    Jagger smiles in recognition.

    "She does it to me, too. She is always trying to put makeup on me." Both are clearly in thrall to Hall's model instinct, however. "She can get ready in 20 minutes flat," says Jagger. "It's the most insane thing I've ever seen: a full head of curlers, makeup, everything." Has Jagger inherited her mother's skill for instant-fix maquillage? "You should see me with curling irons," she laughs. "I'm like a five year old."

    "I think you underestimate yourself," Grand tells her. "When I work with you, I am so aware that your mom has taught you so much about modeling."

    Clearly, not all of Hall's gene-pool has been lost on her gorgeous progeny, and Jagger, 21, is now one of the most in-demand models of her generation. Since finishing school last year, she has joined her mom's wing of the family business

    “What’s INTERESTING about [the new supers] is they THINK about what they are doing”

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