• The chic escape:

    Hospes Maricel, Mallorca

    Allow yourself a new-season recharge the Balearic way with a chic stay at Hospes Maricel, a converted palacio just a few miles outside Palma in Mallorca. Inhale the sea air, maybe opt for a detox package, and definitely soothe your eyes on the dreamy view from any of the pool-studded terraces. hospes.com

    The Collectible:

    a gilded gown

    Style worshipping at the house of Alexander McQueen is wholly justified when you acknowledge the artistry that goes into one of Sarah Burton's gowns. Inspired by ecclesiastic robes, this black and white satin column dress is adorned with a white capelet that is embroidered with interweaving gold-leaf threads. A sheer masterpiece.

    Hospes Maricel, Mallorca, has a spectacular vista

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