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    Rules are for breaking, says CHRISTA D'SOUZA, who can think of lots of reasons to wear the mini

    The world is divided, in my opinion. You either have the waist or the legs. Sure, there are the exceptions to the rule – that wretched Alexa Chung being one of them – but do afford me a sweeping generalization once in a while, won't you? Apple, Pear. Waist, Legs. Tomaytoes, tomatoes. That is just the way it is. And isn't it true that when you are browsing for clothes whatever age, weight or size, you put yourself in one camp or the other?

    Being not so nimble around the middle area, I tend to steer clear of anything belted exactly round the waist. It has to be worn a little empire style or slung low


    Photograph: Adam Katz / Blaublut-Edition.com

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    For the new season, it's all about the modern mini

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