• such as varicose veins." I was promptly prescribed a series of anti water-retention treatments, and I have Professor Canonaco to thank for pointing out a mole I had ignored for years and which turned out to be dangerous.

    Life at the school takes up every morning of your visit (for real results, stay at least five days) and consists of treatments patented by the professor. Days begin with 45 minutes of water aerobics (be warned, the pool is very cold). It is said to burn more calories than any other form of cardio, while the water resistance tones. Next, legs are wrapped in detoxing seaweed-infused mud, followed by bandages with ingredients such as ginko biloba and menthol oils that boost circulation and lymph drainage. Happily, you must then lie in the sun for 20 minutes (heat helps ingredients quickly penetrate).

    After this comes the 'cure'. Invented by 18th-century German doctor Sebastian Kneipp, it involves intensive hydrotherapy.

    “The so-called cellulite-annihilator SHAKES up fat and SOFTENS collagen fibers”

    Essentially, it is brisk walking in water, switching between a cold 18°C tank and a warmer 38°C one – and yes, it is torture. Once home, directing a shower head onto thighs and alternating between hot and cold has similar results and helps reduce ankle swelling.

    Lunch is a delicious calorie-controlled menu devised by the Michelin-starred chef. Here carbs aren't the enemy but salt, foods rich in animal fats, and carbonated drinks. All these increase puffiness in legs, as well as thigh tissue,

    which accentuates dimples.

    Afternoons are dedicated to terapia. For me, that meant the de-puffing Press Therapy treatment, involving inflatable boots that applied pressure to my bottom and thighs. But there are a number to choose from: VelaSmooth Pro, which combines infrared and suction to break down cellulite and can streamline thighs and belly by as much as 2cm. Or the Acoustic Wave Machine – Madonna liked it so much she bought one of her own. This so-called cellulite-annihilator shakes up fat cells with sound waves and softens collagen fibers, which harden to create that bulgy, cottage-cheese effect.

    After seven days, I was packed off with Leg School Gel, which fights water retention, and the Leg School Food Supplement to speed up the metabolism and curb hunger pangs. And the results? The texture of my skin looks better, my legs are slimmer around the ankles and I have rediscovered pencil skirts – not to mention that I can't wait to slip into a new-season mini. capripalace.com

    Better legs

    These therapy-in-a-bottle
    products have a toning
    effect on limbs

    Natura Bissé Oxygen Body Cream pushes moisture deep into skin giving it clarity and luminosity.

    St Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Body Lotion is a great instant tan: realistic and sweat-resistant.

    James Read Gradual Tan delivers a healthy golden shade in an easily blendable cream.

    Sisley Phyto-Svelt Global Intensive Anti-Cellulite Contouring Body Care gives noticeable dimple-smoothing results.

    This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle is formulated with vitamins C and E as well as caramel to give legs a natural color.

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