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    Famed as much for their iconic '60s guests as their interiors and surroundings, these hotels have lost none of their allure today. Check in for a glamorous stay with a story to tell. By CLOVER STROUD

    Hotel Continental,


    The charm of this Moroccan city enticed a hotbed of louche living in the '60s, with the Rolling Stones and the Beatles visiting regularly. The Hotel Continental has lost none of its bohemian past with its mazes of corridors, tiled floors, divans, smoke-stained fireplace and wind-up gramophone. The lingering sense of ramshackled Moorish romance will have you coming back for more.
    BEST FOR: Enjoying a sun-drenched breakfast on the famous balcony overlooking the port. From 495DH; continental-tanger.com

    The entrancing medina in Tangier houses Hotel Continental

    Sixties stars John Paul Getty Jr. and his wife, YSL muse, Talitha, in Morocco,1969

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    Photographs: © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis; © Bruno Morandi/Hemis/Corbis

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