• Beauty: The beach-fast rules
    With pinks and peaches enjoying a modern makeup moment, KATHLEEN BAIRD-MURRAY reveals how to do grown-up pretty

    My sister is on the phone. “You know,” she says, “every time I walk past the yellow rose outside my front door, I think of you, because of that picture, do you know the one I mean? You’re so pretty in it!” Instantly I know which picture she is talking about. There I am, with my long, dark-brown hair, smiling over a pale-yellow rose in full bloom, the sunlight bouncing back from the petals onto my flawless skin. In that particular picture, with those old-fashioned white borders framing it, even if it is slightly dog-eared at the

    The Rules of
    GROWN-UP Pretty

    1. Avoid sugar-almond pastels. Instead, choose taupe shades for eyes, with a hint of mother-of-pearl.
    2. Pretty isn’t bland. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn did pretty with panache. Soften the arches of brows, blot red lipstick down to a stain and there you have it.
    3. Keep hair looking natural, even for a formal event. At Calvin Klein Collection’s SS13 show, models wore tousled waves tucked behind the ears – pretty personified.
    4. Use mascara on upper and lower lashes, says makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, for a “wide-eyed Bambi look".

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