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  • corners now, I am, indeed, pretty. Then again, I was six years old at the time, and all six-year-olds are pretty.

    From soft, wispy hair at Chloé to rose-pink lips at Oscar de la Renta, you can’t move this season without being confronted by “pretty”. Not that pretty ever confronts (except perhaps with a little smile; she has a touch of the coquette about her). Pretty is gamine, she’s an ingénue, never knowingly oversold and always slightly better underdone. Pretty has apple-y cheeks that look as if they have been dusted in peach blossom, and probably have – you think that blush came from a pot and brush? No, pretty skipped through a peach-tree orchard, that’s how she got that shade of

    “Pretty is GAMINE, she’s an ingénue, never knowingly oversold and ALWAYS slightly better UNDERDONE”

    natural radiance. (Pretty doesn’t suffer from allergies, nor, it should be said, does she ever look her best when unhappy. I give you the scene from Bridesmaids, in which the too-pretty-for-her-own-good Rose Byrne is bawling her eyes out in the car. “Do I look ugly?” she asks plaintively. “Sure you do,” Kristen Wiig replies.)

    Pretty is synonymous with youth and vitality; it is why we all loved Jennifer Lawrence and her spontaneity at this year’s Oscars, her natural effervescence so contagious that an otherwise dull press conference, where she joked about tripping up as she collected her Oscar, quickly became a viral sensation; or why we’ll buy KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr’s Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil, in the hope it will give us super-soft skin like the glowing model’s.

    The good news is that “pretty” is a look that is relatively easy to emulate and can actually work for all ages, even those of us for whom our sixth birthday is just a distant memory. At one recent celebrity bash, makeup artist Mary Greenwell, who has maintained her

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