• Style Rethink
    CHRISTA D’SOUZA has been stealing style tips from the boys for a take on the season that’s tailor-made

    Have you ever taken a black-tie invitation literally? Meaning worn a black suit, patent pumps and bow tie? No, me neither. But if I had the guts, maybe it would be fun to do that sometime. Dressing like a man gives one such freedom to be feminine in other ways. There is something so perversely constricting about going all over-the-top girlie with a fancy-schmancy evening gown, teetering heels and big hair. Where can you go from there? To be honest, I have always rather envied men their ‘uniforms’; the way they don't have to think about what they are going to wear, the way they can do that thing of looking


    Photograph: Jason Lloyd-Evans


    Pre-Fall's masculine tailoring feeds in nicely to fall's oversized cuts

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