• Kaftan by Emilio Pucci; cuff (right hand) by Anndra Neen; cuffs (left hand, from top) by Marc by Marc Jacobs and Hervé Van der Straeten; ring (right hand) by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane; ring (left hand) by Chloé

    is vacationing in the African country with her son. It is a brief, revivifying respite and reboot from the gig circuit.

    This appetite for exploring is how she has carved her own space alongside her sister – perhaps the biggest R&B star in the world and one half of music’s premier power couple. But Knowles insists that defining herself as separate to Beyoncé was never her plan. “I don’t think any part of myself as an artist has ever had a moment of…intentional execution,” she says, giggling at her own verbosity. “It’s all just been an evolution. I’ve been able to watch such an incredible performer as my sister close-up. It’s molded me. And now I’m letting my son watch me.”

    Knowles was brought up in Houston, Texas, where she studied theater and dance, before hitting

    “Watching such an INCREDIBLE performer as my SISTER close-up has MOLDED me”

    the road with Destiny’s Child. In 2004, 17-year-old Knowles married Daniel Smith, had Daniel Jr. shortly afterwards, and spent his “baby years” in rural Idaho. She and Smith divorced in 2007, and she now lives with her video-director boyfriend, Alan Ferguson, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s most creative enclave.

    As restless with her passport as she is with her musical and fashion inspiration, you won’t find Knowles propping up the usual vacation hotspots. “Style in anything is very important. It’s how we express our individuality, who we are and what we believe in. It’s all a reflection of who I am,” she says. And so, even today, as we speak, she is trekking to Lake Retba, aka Lac Rose, on Senegal’s Cap Vert: “I saw an image of it maybe four years ago.” The lake’s pink hue comes from red pigment produced by the interaction of the waters’ algae and the sun. Extraordinarily colorful and a natural wonder – all told, Lac Rose sounds like a very Solange place to be.


    Hair: Alex Price at Frank. Makeup: Alex Babsky at Frank. Fashion assistant: Helen Broadfoot. Production manager: Maro Kockovic at Adriatic Productions

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