• Penélope as the lingerie-clad Clara in the film Nine, 2009

    “Lingerie holds a deep ATTRACTION. I think it is the hidden element: you are wearing something SPECIAL, but it is a SECRET”

    house, so lingerie was not at all taboo. The thing was, we didn’t have a lot of money. We had the money we needed to survive and to live, but nothing extra, and my parents worked very hard to raise us. That made that lace body even more special – it was the first time I had asked for something like this.

    It is hard to put into words what it is about lingerie that holds such a deep attraction. But I think it is the hidden element. You are wearing something special, but you don’t show it to anybody. It is a secret, and that is something we can all relate to. And probably why most lingerie is sold directly to women, except on Valentine’s Day.

    I associate lingerie with the movies. Sophia Loren is my ultimate icon: when she wears a piece of lingerie in her films with Marcello Mastroianni, it is as though she is wearing the most amazing gown. But beautiful lingerie is not just for the red carpet – now it is also for every day of the week. I can wear it under a T-shirt with ripped jeans and still

    feel special.

    My relationship with lingerie has evolved over the years. I’ve come to value comfort, more so since I had children. I want something that is sexy, but won’t make me miserable and uncomfortable all day. I need something I can live in. It is like shoes: when you are 18, you don’t care about your feet bleeding when you are walking to a disco. When you are older, you can have the most amazing shoes but, if they hurt, you’ll wear them once.

    I do like the idea of lingerie as outerwear, which is a great look for this fall: I do it all the time. One of my favorite shapes is the corset. It is surprisingly versatile. I like how you can wear one with a long black skirt or tailored pants. Actually, during my first pregnancy, my closet consisted of camisoles and baby dolls worn with jeans.

    My sister, Mónica, and I love working together. This is our biggest project, so it is really personal. The pieces are beautiful but not super-expensive, so we can reach more people. Who says women can’t always have fun?”

    introducing the

    L’Agent LINE

    penélope cruz on the creation
    and appeal of her collection

    “WE TRIED ON every piece from Agent Provocateur’s 20-year archive.”

    “THIS COLLECTION will flatter all different shapes and sizes.”

    “THE PIECES are a mix of risky and basic colors.”

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    As told to: Ezzie Chidi-Ofong. Stylists: Melany Pan and Juan Cebrián. Photograph: The Kobal Collection

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