• Beauty: Sun secrets
    The world’s top beauty editors share their sun-safe habits and insider must-haves with EVIE LEATHAM
    Sigourney Cantelo



    Beauty editor,
    Vogue Australia

    Australia has one of the world’s highest skin-cancer rates – two out of three Australians will develop a form of skin cancer by age 70, so I take Niacinamide supplements to boost UVA and UVB resistance from within. I prefer physical sunblocks such as zinc oxide, which bounce rays off the skin – Ella Bache Great SPF50+ Sportsbloc Active for exercising outside and Invisible Zinc Environmental

    Skin Protector SPF30+ for every day. At the end of summer, I go for a peel to even out my skin tone. Conveniently, James Vivian, The Traveling Peelsman, visits me at home.

    Valerie Zhang



    Beauty director,
    Vogue China

    In China, pale complexions are the ideal and women do everything they can to avoid the sun. Like many Asian women, I’m genetically predisposed to pigmentation, so I go to Wu Yan, a dermatologist at Peking University First Hospital, for Intense Pulsed Light Treatment, which erases dark patches. A twice-weekly treatment with potent herbal-based Snowise X Whitening Masks from Korean brand Sulwhasoo keeps them at bay. I also use high protection every day: Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild SPF30 shields against heavy city pollution, a big problem here.

    The Edit

    Photograph: Nicole Bentley/Art + Commerce

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