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  • Beauty: GROWN-UP sexy
    Undone, mussed-up hair has always been innately cool. Now, says EVIE LEATHAM, the new wave of chic styles work for day or night

    Elegantly tousled and beautifully imperfect hair has been highly desirable ever since Brigitte Bardot put it on the beauty map in the ’50s. Done right, this low-key look can ooze confidence.

    “It’s sexy because it doesn’t look contrived,” says hairstylist George Northwood, who counts Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as a fan. “It has that bed-head feel, like you haven’t tried too hard, and that makes it so inviting.” It relies on details – matte texture; mussed partings; even a little well-placed frizz are to be encouraged. So, hang up your hairdryer –it’s time to embrace your inner Bardot for wild work, weekend and evening looks.


    Actress Brigitte Bardot, seen here in 1965, sets the template for wild, sexy hair

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    Photograph: CAMERA PRESS/Kate Rivers

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