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    Looking cool is a state of mind, not a number, says CHRISTA D’SOUZA. You just have to work the right attitude

    Want to know who invented the term ‘cool’? In the sense of ‘calmly audacious’, as opposed to being in-between 10-15°C, I mean. It was a saxophonist from the ’40s, called Lester Young. He also popularized the term ‘bread’ for money. The reason I ask is because I’ve been thinking about what it means to be ‘cool’. And if there is a Cool Cut-Off Point. Can you be cool after a certain age? Do you sort of lose your right to cooldom once you become a parent? Do Madonna’s kids wince when she gets on the dancefloor? I bet they do.

    In a sense, the notion of cool is ageless. A woman who is brilliant at pool, for


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    Black leather is a fail-safe shortcut to looking cool

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