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  • Coat and dress by Dolce & Gabbana

    their way to getting married, beginning a lifetime of flattering lighting and happiness. And Bosworth will be stepmother to 15-year-old Jasper. “She's amazing,” says Bosworth, beaming. “It's such a special relationship for me. She is so much like I was at that age.”

    At little more than Jasper's age, Bosworth starred in Blue Crush, the Brian Grazer-produced surf/girl-power movie that put her on the map at 18 years old. To distance herself from that role, she then tried out a range of characters, from a junkie (Wonderland) and Vegas card­counter (21) to comic-book heroine Lois Lane (Superman Returns). But now, at 30, she's ready to embrace the memory again. “I've hit the moment when you can reflect

    “(My stepdaughter) is AMAZING. It’s such a special RELATIONSHIP for me”

    comfortably and feel grounded,” she says. “Blue Crush was a unique experience. It was a lead female role, such a rare opportunity.”

    The wedding details have been top secret, but Bosworth tells me it is just a few weeks away from our meeting, and will take place in the countryside (“A place where Michael spent a lot of time as a child”). The dress, reportedly designed by “master in American elegance” Oscar de la Renta, was a long-deliberated decision. “There was no doubt about the designer, [but] there was a feeling of, ‘Do I dance around the bridal thing and wear a dress I could wear for the red carpet?’ But lately I'm all about coming out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, so I decided to embrace the moment. It has been a real discovery of that part of myself. I had never thought about it – the dress, the ring, any of it.”

    Bosworth had her pick of designers to create her dream dress. Over the past six years, she has been a regular on global best- dressed lists. She has always had an eye for fashion, however,

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