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  • At a busy café in Los Feliz, a bohemian enclave in Los Angeles, young, fashionable types are sipping green tea. But only one is perfectly backlit by the late-morning sun, the light reflecting off her long, honey-blond hair, so it is easy for me to recognise the sunlit woman as actress Kate Bosworth when I arrive. She is seated in a corner with her fiancé, movie director Michael Polish. They are holding hands, deep in conversation. Polish, a critically acclaimed filmmaker (in his 1999 feature debut, Twin Falls Idaho, he and his twin brother, Mark, played a set of conjoined twins), recently directed the actress in Big Sur, a bold, romantically shot adaptation of Jack Kerouac's cult novel.

    “It's my favorite film I've been a part of, so far,” says Bosworth of the

    “It FEELS like [Michael & I] have known each other our whole LIVES. He is a great MENTOR”

    project, in which she plays Billie, the love interest of Kerouac's troubled fictional alter ego. Actress and director fell in love almost instantly when they met on set in 2011, something that is blatant in Polish's use of the camera lens, caressing his leading lady's face. It wouldn't surprise me if he had scouted this restaurant to place his bride-to-be in the spot where he knew she would be set aglow.

    After greeting me politely, Polish leaves. They are in some ways an unlikely couple, this polished actress and the independent director. “There are so many things that just clicked for us,” Bosworth says, resting her chin on one delicate hand, flashing the 1920s square, emerald-cut diamond that Polish found at vintage jewelry specialist Fred Leighton. “It's like, what didn't draw us together? It feels as if we have known each other our whole lives, even though he is 12 years older than me. But it feels like he's been there every step of the way. And he is a great mentor to me, artistically.”

    By the time you read this, Bosworth and Polish will be well on

    Dress by Miu Miu; pumps by Oscar de la Renta

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