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  • Monster, he cast Mendes. A sign that their relationship may still be going strong can be found at the actress’ feet: two sleeping dogs she calls “my loves”, her regal Belgian Malinois, Hugo, and Gosling’s hulking mutt, George.

    Her recent work has spurred Mendes to fulfil further ambitions. Working with Pedro Almodóvar is next on her wish list – she emailed the director to tell him so. “I’d love to work with Penélope Cruz on an Almodóvar film,” she says. “Penélope’s kind of the greatest.” The director has yet to bite, but Mendes says, “I believe in planting seeds. If you genuinely love somebody’s work, I think you should tell them.”

    Her latest career move, however, involves fabric, not film. This

    “I don’t have to CHOOSE between paying rent and artistic INTEGRITY anymore”

    month, the actress launches her eponymous fashion line exclusively for retailer New York & Company. Although her face has helped sell Calvin Klein lingerie and she co-runs a home decor line, this is the first time she has ventured into fashion design. “I’m particular about who I lend my name to,” she says. Before agreeing to it, she consulted her mother and sisters: “Everybody was like, ‘This is amazing!’” It will appeal to fans of Mendes’ retro-chic style. “It’s directly inspired by my closet,” says the actress, who loves body-flattering, vintage-print dresses. But she often makes a beeline for Goodwill stores. “I think it comes back to not having the means to buy what you wanted. I’ve never grown out of being that girl.”

    For Mendes, style is in the little details: “I get fixated on things.” At the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of The Place Beyond the Pines, she donned a black silk Prada turban for the red carpet. Her goal was to draw attention to a treasured pair of earrings that once belonged to her

    Dress by Valentino; headband by Dolce & Gabbana

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