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  • embroidered halterneck, a refined Victoria Beckham LBD – she pauses. “I could have just stayed dressing stars, but this moves things on to a whole new level. It gives women the chance to curate their wardrobes and maybe own one of these pieces, for life.”

    The GCC has certainly come a long way since its first outing at the 2010 Golden Globes, when Firth wore a reworked wedding dress with a slim black belt (she has always had

    “[VICTORIA BECKHAM] is so precise and SERIOUS about what she does. She is the REAL deal,”

    an eye for detail). She attempted to explain sustainability to a hapless reporter. He didn’t get it. “Enjoy your wedding!” he chirped to Firth and her husband. There was clearly work to do.

    But her mission was always explicit. When a designer works with the GCC they are given a set of criteria, ranging from the fabric and pattern-cutting process to dyes and finishes. “One made with total respect for the environment and the people that produced and made that piece,” says Firth.

    Does Mr Firth help? “Colin questions everything robustly, which helps make me get my ideas into shape. He has also worn eco tuxedos a few times,” she reveals.

    So how does Firth persuade some of the world’s leading designers to get involved? “I present them with sustainable solutions in the supply chain,” she explains. “Some begin quite shyly, but often they’re the ones who are really passionate and start running away with the ideas.”

    And what did Firth, this Italian dynamo, make of the similarly driven Victoria Beckham? “The thing that chimed was that she is so precise and serious about what she does. She definitely had that designer’s drive and curiosity. She is the real deal,” she says.

    As the real deal herself, Firth gives me a lesson on ordering a closet the Italian way. At the end of a season, she launders her pieces, then packs them in vacuum-sealed bags with moth repellent. When she brings a piece into her wardrobe, she intends it to be forever.

    So what does she look for in

    the pieces themselves? “First, classic elegance. Though I have definitely become more expressive and playful,” she says, recalling how she recently fell in love with a 1920s lace dress in a Nice market. “In effect, I curate my wardrobe: everything is there for a reason.”

    Dress by Stella McCartney

    LIVIA’S go-to pieces

    Harper, her brand is a dream come true.”

    GABBANA’s utter femininity, which only Italians can do!”

    uses materials that can be traced to an ethical source.”

    The Edit

    Stylist: Helen Broadfoot. Hair and makeup: Karen Alder at K Management using Oribe and Kevyn Aucoin

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