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    Forget the safety pins and chains – CHRISTA D’SOUZA discovers that the new punk goes hand in hand with chic

    Can you be a grown-up punk? Donatella Versace certainly thinks you can; although she doesn’t call it punk, she prefers “Vunk”– the name she bestowed upon her FW13 collection. And because she is Donatella, and because she still looks hot in PVC pants (did you see her on the runway at the end of that show?), the name has stuck.

    Vunk. Lady punk. Grown-up rebel. It means recapturing one’s rebellious youth – in my case, not a hard thing to do, considering that, in my head, I will always be somewhere between my late teens and early twenties. To me, PVC and vinyl was the height of Bad Girl-ness; I remember

    Luxe accessories and just the right amount of leather are key for this trend


    Photograph: Stockholm Streetstyle Blaublut Edition / Trunk Archive

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