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  • day and uses this information to ensure each serum delivers exactly what the skin needs at the moment it’s needed.

       “Time-release medication is a key aspect of pharmaceutical research,” says Dr Nick Lowe, consultant dermatologist at Cranley Clinic, London, and Professor of Dermatology at the UCLA School of Medicine. “Some of the actives we use for skincare are fragile and easily compromised when exposed to light or oxygen. A good example is retinoids (the group of ingredients related to Retin A, an effective anti-aging ingredient that boosts the skin’s regeneration)," he explains. "Retin A products can also have an adverse effect, as they are abrasive and leave you with dry, flaky skin. Encapsulated technology that releases the ingredients gradually over time means you can offer a higher dose without the irritation.”

       Here’s how to alleviate problem areas with skincare products that will take all the thinking out of your regime and leave you with an immaculate complexion.

    For oily skin

    Try Decléor Aroma Pureté Shine Control Oxygenating Fluid. The zinc is released over a five-hour period, targeting excess sebum and tightening the pores, keeping excess shine at bay.

    For pigmentation

    Try a vitamin C-rich product, like Chanel Le Weekend, which has a slow-release encapsulated form of glycolic acid. Releasing the acid gradually prevents skin from reacting while the ingredients take effect. This will prompt your skin’s regeneration, act as a gentle exfoliater, and reduce the appearance of sun spots.

    For fine lines

    Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex II works with the skin’s circadian rhythms (the body’s instinctive cycle of waking and sleeping) to boost its natural renewal abilities. This formula contains an advanced purifying technology to prompt the skin to renew when it needs to (the body regenerates itself

    between 10pm and 2am, skin included). The encapsulated ingredients promise a slow release of antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals, sun damage and smooth fine lines.


    The aptly named Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF20 Skin Complexion Corrector is the ultimate high-tech product. It contains the new Intuitive Delivery System technology, meaning that encapsulated forms of vitamin C, E and antioxidant-rich green tea are released when the skin is exposed to UV rays and pollution. The formula contains an exfoliating salicylic acid to regenerate the skin gradually throughout the day.

    For deep lines

    Murad Age Reform Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles uses an encapsulated form of retinol, which boosts cell turnover, to deliver the exact dose of this highly active ingredient without prompting skin irritation.


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