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  • Wearing sky-high heels and carrying oversized bags can play havoc with your posture. But it’s easy to put it right and reap the benefits, says SUZANNE SCOTT

    Good posture is about more than achieving an air of poised confidence. Standing in the right position can make the difference as to whether our bodies function properly or not. Not to mention that stooping appears aging, while standing up straight can make you look slimmer. And yet the perils of modern life – hours spent behind a desk, miles covered in high heels and heavy bags that pull on our neck muscles – can lead to unnecessary pain. Here is how to maintain perfect posture, without having to sacrifice your heel and handbag addiction.

    Head over heels

    High heels alter the body’s center of gravity and increase the amount

    of pressure on the balls of your feet. In order to maintain balance, your body is forced into an unnatural position. However, the key to walking in heels, according to Nick Potter, a London-based Consultant Osteopath (, is to make sure you are in good physical condition. “If your core muscles are weak, your pelvis tilts forwards, placing pressure on your back,” he says.

       Heels exacerbate this problem, something that led Victor Chu and Cece Chin to develop the How To Walk In High Heels New York City class (or try the Legwork DVD to do at home; Chu explains, “A woman’s body requires additional core and leg strength to be able to endure high heels with


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