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  • camera. I think I’m lucky in that my look is very versatile. People often say that I look completely different in all my photos, so it’s nice to be able to transform in that way.”

    What are the most treasured pieces in your closet?

    “I have a huge satin ballgown by Giles Deacon that makes me feel like the most glamorous creature on the planet. I also own an incredible knitted evening gown by Rodarte that is a work of art. But when I want to feel empowered and feminine, I love to wear Vivienne Westwood’s corseted dresses.”

    And your off-duty style?

    “I’m a natural tomboy with a penchant for sparkling accessories. I feel happiest in slouchy jeans, a vintage tee and my favorite Marni silver brogues. Being comfortable is a big priority, as I travel so much.”

    Your fashion fairy-tale moment?

    “Probably Paolo’s [2012] solo photography exhibition called My Guinevere, where he showed a collection of his favorite portraits of me. Words cannot describe how

    overwhelming that was. I felt a very strong connection to each of those images. It was very special.”

    What’s your favorite pastime?

    “My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was a child, and I still find it very relaxing. I’ve started to create jewelry by knitting semi-precious stones together so they look like sparkling chainmail.”

    Do you have a favorite fairy-tale?

    “I’m very into fantasy books, from The Lord Of The Rings to the Harry Potter books. If it has magic and takes me to another world, then I can’t get enough.”

    Describe your perfect day?

    “Breakfast with my family in Santa Barbara. Just being with my family and my dog is a real luxury to me.”

    Your life motto?

    “Progress, not perfection. I am pretty hard on myself, so I am trying to learn how to enjoy things and be lighter about life.”

    Fantasy world

    Dress by Christopher Kane

    “If it has MAGIC and takes me to another WORLD, then I can’t get ENOUGH”

    Art direction: Jon Wetherell. Hair: Davy Newkirk at Tracey Mattingly. Makeup: Deanna Melluso at The Magnet Agency using Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in LA Fascinate. Model: Guinevere Van Seenus at Women Management. Fashion assistant: Sofia Catania

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