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  • it causes the adrenaline system to go into overdrive, which hyper-rouses the body.
    HOW: Leave three hours between your workout and bedtime.
    TRY: Swap your spin class for yoga. Jivamukti, Triyoga's latest class in its London base, is a blend of Vinyasa moves, meditation and deep relaxation designed to adjust the nervous system and rest the adrenal glands.


    Eat your way to better sleep

    WHY: Nutritionist Vicki Edgson says, "High-protein diets are acid-forming, but our bodies are alkaline. High protein overworks kidneys and lungs, causing the body to use minerals, such as magnesium, as a buffer. This leads to anxiety and sleep problems." HOW: Eat more alkaline foods, like whole-grains and green vegetables and swap desserts for bananas and mangoes, which are all high in tryptophan, an amino acid used to produce the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin.

    TRY: Bodyism's Clean And Lean Essential Serenity shake, which contains oats and chamomile to promote sleep, and magnesium to calm the nervous system and replenish depleted mineral stores.

    Before bed:

    Bathe before bedtime

    WHY: According to a study in the Sleep journal, "a drop in body temperature triggers the sense that it's time to go to sleep" because our ideal core temperature naturally decreases when we sleep.
    HOW: Prompt this internal signal by having a warm bath 90 minutes before bed; as your body cools afterwards, the temperature drop

    “Exercise in the evening stops us feeling TIRED. Leave three hours between your workout and BEDTIME”

    promotes sleepiness.

    TRY: Ila Inner Peace Bath Salts – the stress-reducing sandalwood
    soothes frazzled nerves.

    During the night:

    Help yourself stay asleep

    WHY: There are four stages of sleep and in the first two (the lightest) you can be easily disturbed.
    HOW: Banish technology from your bedroom: no smartphones, laptops or TVs. The light from a 4am smartphone session prompts the body to produce cortisol (the hormone that wakes us up). The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises visualizing your bedroom as a cave: it should be cool, quiet and dark.
    TRY: To maintain a comfortable temperature. Men generally prefer to be cooler during the night than women, so try Goose Bedding's Deux-vet, which has one half that is thicker and warmer than the other. To cancel out noise, have earplugs, like Minerva's SleepPlugs, made to fit your ears.;

    maximiZe your beauty sleep

    the must-have products

    Kiehl's Midnight
    Recovery Concentrate: Essential oils nourish skin and aid cell turnover.

    This Works No Wrinkles Tired
    Eyes: Minimizes bags
    by breaking down skin-damaging glycotoxins.

    Neom Organic
    Body Oil Tranquility: Key ingredients replenish the skin
    and aid relaxation.

    Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial: Antioxidants and omega oils recreate the benefits
    of a facial overnight.

    La Prairie Skin
    Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask: An overnight mask to firm and lift the skin.

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