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  • The Ice Queen’s realm

    Ship In The Ice, Norway

    The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, an iceberg-strewn outpost of the polar north, is the domain of polar bears, whales and reindeer. There could be no more fairy-tale way to experience it than by boarding the world’s sole ice-bound ship-hotel, which can only be accessed by snowmobiles or dog sleds. Comfort awaits inside, while gourmet meals will prepare you for Arctic adventures outside.
    Insider tip: Go in late February, as Norway breaks free from months of darkness, to see the multicolored skies. From NOK8,450;


    Heidi’s cottage

    Walig Hut, Switzerland

    5,500ft up a mountain with unbelievable views, this rustic hideaway reflects the trend for simplicity that has swept through luxury travel. There is no heating, but thick bedcovers and log fires will keep you snug. The DIY illusion is shattered, though, when the waiter arrives from parent hotel Gstaad Palace with a three-course meal: charcuterie, fondue au fromage and a three-pudding feast.
    Insider tip: Wellies are essential for the outside WC, where you’ll be serenaded by passing cattle cowbells. From CHF1,600;


    Try dog sledding and Arctic hiking during your stay on the 100-year-old schooner

    Take in the incredible views of the Gstaad valley, or relax in the charming wood-clad hut (top)

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