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  • passive. That's why I started to do music also – I need to be the boss a little bit," she says, smiling. "So when he read the play, he thought it was great for me."

    Seigner is hugely protective of her husband. This was evidenced four years ago, just after Polanski was arrested, when video footage of her hitting a female paparazzo with a motorcycle helmet went viral. She says that she was "so ashamed" when the clip "was everywhere" online. "I guess if it happened to me now, I wouldn't do that, of course. But I was so in despair that…" Seigner pauses and sighs, then smiles. "I was like a lion. And thank God I didn't kill her or hurt her. Because I was like a crazy woman," she concedes with a laugh.

    Standing up for herself fits into our image of a typically strong French woman, but does Seigner think this view held by the rest of the world is accurate? "It's a bit clichéd, but there's always a truth in a cliché," she says. "Some English women are cool, too," she

    “I don't like being PASSIVE. That's why I started to do MUSIC also – I need to be the BOSS a little bit”

    adds. She cites Kate Winslet, who Polanski directed in Carnage. "And Cate Blanchett – I know she's not English, but I love her. She's amazing in Blue Jasmine."

    There may be Oscar talk for Blanchett's turn in Woody Allen's critical hit, but there are similar whispers for
    Venus In Fur, in which Seigner gives the performance of her career. "We'll see," she says lightly. "Of course, I would like it! But it's not going to be this year, so I don't have to compete with Cate. Thank God! I'd have no chance!" laughs super-smart, endlessly elegant Emmanuelle Seigner. Venus In Fur is out November 13. Emmanuelle Seigner at Storm Models

    Coat by Bottega Veneta; hat by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane


    Art direction: Jon Wetherell. Hair: Sarra Na at Art Department. Makeup: Kathy Le Sant at Walter Schupfer. Nails: Charlene Coquart at Artlist. Thanks to Romain Violleau at White Dot Productions

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