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    This season, any color will do, as long as it’s gray in all its permutations, says CHRISTA D’SOUZA

    This may sound perverse, but I love a gray day. A dull gray day, for me, is so freeing, so accommodating, so sympathetic. Reverse SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is, I think, the technical name for this malady, but whatever. That obligation to be happy when you wake up in the morning because it is blazing hot and the skies are a cloudless blue… Lord, am I glad it is not summer anymore.

    Gray, though, as a color has such a bad rap, doesn’t it? Perhaps that is partly because it is what white becomes when it is put with anything colored in the wash. Onomatopoeically, though, isn’t there

    Wear it stuctured, as at Vanessa Bruno FW13



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