• photographer – her perspective on fashion is an interesting one. She sits at its epicenter, often front row at the shows with her boyfriend, Scott Schuman – aka The Sartorialist, a pioneer of street-style blogging – but also stands outside as a wry observer and commentator. And, unlike so many other fashion channelers, she also has a sense of humor.

    Born on the rugged island of Corsica to restaurateur parents, Doré lived a life far from fashion. “It wasn’t even a dream – the idea of working in fashion was beyond going to the moon,” she says. She studied communications, but her real “itch” was fashion illustration. She began producing work – with her trademark delicate lines and off-guard expressions – that caught the eye of an editor at L’Express newspaper, who gave her a write up. From then on, business blossomed with commissions from magazines, brands and publishers. “I wanted to see what would happen if I followed my passion,” Doré says. “But in fact, illustration

    – if I was to do that all day – would be very lonely. I like silence and space but I also love to be social.”

    The urge to get out and about with her camera drew Doré further into fashion, and it was at Paris Fashion Week that she first met Schuman. He helped nurture her talent and vision, et voilà: they fell in love and have been living together in New York since 2010. “My life? I think it is better than a Hollywood movie,” she deadpans of her journey from obscurity to fame, from bumming around and couch-surfing to sitting front row. Last year, she and Schuman won the CFDA Eugenia Sheppard Media Award, and although her Twitter followers amount to almost 250,000, Doré is coy about revealing traffic numbers to her site: “I don’t think value can be measured in numbers,” she says.

    She initially began a home-run blog to showcase her illustrations back in June 2006; now she has a studio in New York. “I start work at 7am so when my team arrive at 9am, I am ahead. You need constant new material to keep people visiting,” says Doré. Aside

    Doré outside the Valentino SS14
    show in Paris; and in Rome, 2009, shot by partner Scott
    Schuman (below)

    Doré’s The Last Smoke, 2008 (above); and outside the Chloé SS12 show in Paris (left)

    “My LIFE? I think it is BETTER than a HOLLYWOOD movie”

    Photograph: Sandra Semburg; The Sartorialist

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