• from blogging daily, the 37-year-old also works for clients including Vogue Paris, Dior and Louis Vuitton. The two worlds she inhabits – creative and commercial – feed one other constantly. In the blog's "Pardon My French" video features, Doré covers topics ranging from baguettes to the size of show invitations, and interviews design luminaries, such as Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney. There are posts about her vacations, city guides, and

    "It wasn't a DREAM – the idea of working in FASHION was beyond going to the MOON"

    musings on anything from fat days to haircare. Doré has also opened a boutique on the site to sell prints of her illustrations, collaborative work with brands, and her own T-shirts. "I had so many requests for them! If I fall in love with a sarong or a bag on vacation, I'll buy ten to sell

    online," says the accidental entrepreneur.

    Within fashion's A-list blogging community, Doré is a rarity. She's older; she's French; she's willing to explore her own idiosyncrasies and flaws. And unlike some others, she is not at the behest of brands wanting to buy coverage. "I think the reader instinctively can see
    and feel what is forced, and you lose their trust. I make that clear to the clients I might work with," she says of her editing policy.

    What is also interesting is Doré's acceptance that everything personal is now public via social media. "For the Millennials,
    posting pictures on social media is second nature. Vanity is not an issue [as it is] for an older generation. I'm so interested in how this generation will evolve." Arguably, Doré, who now gives
    talks on social media, will be seen as a genre pioneer.

    As for the next turn in her ever-evolving career path? "I am working on a book, but it is too

    early to talk about it," she says. "And I have also been clearing out my wardrobe! I'm trying to find a uniform of pieces I love, really versatile clothes that I will have for many years."

    Her go-tos are skinny jeans, classic stilettos, tailoring by Stella McCartney, blouses by Equipment and Chloé, and vintage military pieces, like the

    khaki shorts she has just taken on holiday to Bali. "Last year, Scott and I went to Morocco on a road trip that was wonderful, but we were also documenting and editing the journey," Doré says. "This year, I wanted to travel in a chic way and be in a beautiful place and just hang out." Did she succeed in switching off? Find out on the blog. garancedore.fr

    At the Stella McCartney FW13 presentation in New York, 2013

    GARANCE's go-to pieces

    "I REALLY LOVE tailored pieces from Stella McCartney."

    "ONE OF MY favorite brands is Equipment for great shirts."

    "I BUY PIECES that are versatile and can be worn for years."


    Photograph: BFA

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