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  • The flamboyant, couture-loving heiress talks style and survival with

    Photographs by JOHAN SANDBERG Styling by NATALIE BREWSTER

    Sitting pin-chic in a Chanel dress and giant, heel-less Massaro platforms, the beautiful heiress Daphne Guinness giggles when I ask her what she has been up to. "You’re not going to believe it," she says, in her languorous, aristocratic voice. "I’ve been writing music at home in Ireland." Really? She lowers a diamond-jeweled hand into the vast Birkin bag at her feet and fishes around for an iPod. A haunting, Galadriel from Lord Of The Rings-like sound floods the room and everyone stops what they are doing. Where did that sound come from? "I have no idea, it just came out of me!" she says,


    PROFESSION: Human being, or poet, I suppose

    MY STYLE: Hit and miss, leaning towards severe to heavy, like the weather

    MY FAIL-SAFE PIECE: Massaro heels – I can’t wear anything else – and swimsuit-material leggings

    FAVORITE ACCESSORY: I do like a bit of jewelry. I’m always losing it, though

    Cape by Alexander McQueen; dress by Alessandra Rich; earrings by Lanvin; necklace by Erickson Beamon

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