• from fashion entirely, she adds – she recently shot three editorials for British Vogue, Vogue Nippon and American Vogue. “I am really enjoying having a more active role in everything I am doing,” she says. “Being creatively involved, being strategic about the projects I take, making sure that they are in line with me and my brand.”

    There is an inner confidence and calm that radiates from Kerr. “My character is just generally very joyful and very accepting. I always say to myself, ‘Be gentle with yourself, be gentle to others. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others.’” Even when it comes to the paparazzi? “I would think, ‘OK, it is what it is, it’s fine, they are just doing their job’, and then it would get to the point where I would take

    “It’s really important to not feel as a WOMAN that you have to do and be EVERYTHING”

    my son to the park and they’d be knocking people over – it was disturbing not only my world, but everyone’s around me, too. I thought, ‘How are we going to live peacefully like this, when I can’t even go to the park with my son? Something’s got to change.’”

    When the ‘Bling Ring’ gang – a group of teenage burglars who targeted celebrities and who are the subject of Sofia Coppola’s latest movie – broke into Kerr’s Los Angeles home, stealing her lingerie and Bloom’s collection of watches, she simply shrugged it off. “The weird thing is that I am not attached to things: they come and they go. It could have been worse, that’s what I always say about everything. I mean, no one was hurt,” she adds.

    Consequently, she and Bloom – whom she married in 2010 – relocated to New York a month ago. Their LA home had featured on a Hollywood bus tour of celebrity homes; in New York, the couple have kept their new address secret. Kerr is equally as careful when discussing her marriage. “I think it is really important not to

    Dress by Melissa Odabash; bikini by Zimmermann

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