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  • Swimsuit by Jason Wu; bracelets by Jennifer Meyer; watch by Givenchy

    Alessandra Ambrosio is showing me her ears. They are delicate and perfectly formed like the rest of her, but after a botched operation when she was 11 years old, the Brazilian supermodel keeps them hidden. “I always knew I wanted to be a model so I decided to have my ears pinned back, because they stuck out a bit. I found this doctor in my hometown [of Erechim] in Brazil who had only done it once before, so I was a guinea pig,” Ambrosio says, laughing. “The first few nights, it felt like someone had cut off my ears. For a year, I had to go back for mini-surgeries. Doctors say they can fix them, but cosmetic surgery freaks me out now.”

    Ears aside, the 32-year-old will just have to coast through life with the looks God – or some sadist in the sky intent on condemning womankind to a state of eternal jealousy – gave her. Today, sitting in a Santa Monica bar, her willowy 5ft 9in frame in a vintage plaid shirt (her fiancé’s, Californian businessman Jamie Mazur), black leggings and Saint Laurent biker boots, it is hard not to look at the

    “BRAZIL is a SEXUAL country. Women [show] their boobs and butts on the BEACH”

    woman opposite me without recalling the words Chelsea Handler uttered when she had Ambrosio on her show: “Where did those kids come out of?” Because one of the few things that we know about this most secret of Victoria’s Secret Angels is that she is a mother of two – Anja, 5 and Noah, 19 months – and walked the runway three months after having her first child. “I knew that I had the show to do after having [Anja] – and actually I was expecting my body to go back quicker,” Ambrosio says, sipping a green tea. “People kept telling me that I would bounce
    back straight away, but a week after giving birth I still had that balloon belly. It was the first time in my life that I had to diet. Before I had my kids, if I gained one or
    two pounds I would just eat salad and it would be OK. But when I got

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