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  • Bikini by Shimmi; bracelet by Chloé

    pregnant with Anja I really went for it with food. I gained 60lbs, so I had a lot to lose.” She started seeing a trainer six times a week and signed up to a calorie-controlled meal-delivery service. “It was 1,500 calories a day as I was breastfeeding. I [was] so excited one day because it said that I was going to have a hamburger. I was at a barbecue and when I opened up the burger box, the bun was as thick as a piece of lettuce. My friends laughed their heads off...”

    Now that she is back to her target weight, Ambrosio is less strict. She had a real burger for dinner last night, she tells me, and her fiancé has got her into yoga, which she does three times a week, along with Pilates. In LA – where she moved in 2008 when she and Mazur got engaged – she and Mazur surf, play volleyball and throw barbecues in their
    Santa Monica home. Their wholesome, idyllic life – captured daily by the paparazzi – has become part of Ambrosio’s brand, something she has been shrewd enough to capitalize on through

    “I come from a family where WOMEN are very STRONG. They rule the house; I’m the SAME”

    Twitter and Instagram. Next year she is launching Alé by Alessandra, a lifestyle brand that will include clothing, fragrance and accessories. “Hopefully one day I’ll have an empire,” she smiles. “When I started modeling at 15, after modeling school, I thought it would all be over for me by 19, but that’s just not the case anymore.”

    Ambrosio was already a successful catwalk model – and the face of Calvin Klein in 1999 and Guess? in 2000 – before Victoria’s Secret made her an ‘Angel’ at 22. Were her Catholic parents shocked to see their daughter parading down the runway in underwear? “No,” she laughs. “Brazil is a very sexual country. Women are always showing their boobs and butts on the beach. And I’ve been careful: even if I did Playboy, I wouldn’t want to do something that looks

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