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  • Dress by Marni; shoes by Jimmy Choo

    Now Monroque, 34 – street-style icon, creative director of Dasha Zhukova’s magazine, Garage, fashion consultant, personal friend of Miuccia Prada, and ex of mega- gallerist Larry Gagosian – exists at the center of that enchanting
    world, at the nexus of fashion, art and society. She acknowledges such high-profile friends helped her reach her current position: “Dasha has been a real inspiration, [and] so has Mrs. Prada,” Monroque says. “From Mrs. Prada, I learnt that it’s all in the details.”

    Willowy and with a regal carriage, Monroque is both the ultra-modern, multi-hyphenate fashion creative and the traditionalist, with a love
    of vintage silhouettes and a discretion that invokes a bygone era. As a child in St. Lucia, Monroque developed her fashion eye through the old Vogue and Tatler magazines her mother brought home from her job at the beachfront St. Lucian Rex Resort Hotel on Rodney Bay. Even before then, “my mother loved dressing me up”, recalls Monroque,

    “DASHA Zhukova has been a real inspiration, [and] from Mrs PRADA, I learnt that it’s all in the DETAILS”

    who was drafted in as the official flower girl for the hotel’s many weddings. “I got to wear a pretty dress and flowers in my hair, and carry a basket of flowers. I like beautiful things – maybe that’s where it came from.” Her earliest memories, though, come from the beach. She recalls snorkeling in St. Lucia’s crystalline waters for the first time when she was about seven years old: “I remember seeing all sorts of fish right off the shore.”

    But Monroque always knew she would move to the US. “There was never any big dream; [I was] just looking for a better life,” she says. She found work as a receptionist at a photo rental studio, then as a restaurant hostess. “I was just standing at a desk and looking at people who came in,” she says, “but

    it gave me a glimpse of New York.” And then the fashion world she so admired as a new New Yorker became her world. When Dasha Zhukova was named editor-in-chief of Pop magazine in 2009, she appointed Monroque as editor-at-large, coinciding with the boom in street-style photography. Vogue published an image of Monroque outside a fashion show, and in no


    Monroque works with Kids4Coral (above) to bring awareness to marine conservation in her native St. Lucia


    Photographs: Francois Dischinger.

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