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  • exquisitely as Anna Gunn’s did through five seasons of Breaking Bad? It is no surprise that she seems so much lighter now, literally and metaphorically, with more than a half a year’s distance from the show. “It was eviscerating at times. We knew the show wasn’t going to end happily and, towards the end, we were all affected by the story lines the characters were going through and saying goodbye to the show. Those feelings were really intertwined.” Though Gunn doesn’t miss Skyler’s turmoil, she does miss the open skies of New Mexico, where the show was filmed and where she lived as a horse-riding girl. Today, in that body-con


    DEFINING ROLE: Skyler White in AMC drama Breaking Bad, the long-suffering wife of terminally ill chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White.

    THEY SAY: “It’s unpredictable and stimulating, like the drug that White manufactures, but it produces a much safer high,” Philadelphia Inquirer.

    BEST LINE: “Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family.”

    TV REVIEW: The final episode of Breaking Bad attracted a record 10.3 million viewers – the third most-watched finale in TV history.

    COMING SOON: Gunn will star opposite David Tennant in Gracepoint, an adaptation of critically acclaimed UK drama Broadchurch.

    Victoria Beckham dress, her statuesque elegance is remarkable. “It took me a while to get used to the red carpet,” she says.

    Jessica Paré loves clothes, particularly those made by her friends Jason Wu and fellow Montreal native, Erdem. She scans through her phone to find a photo of her fitting before the 2013 Emmy awards, to which she wore a turquoise Oscar de la Renta gown. “But I was the one debating if I should return to Canada to live with my parents,” says Paré of her career’s rocky start. “I have more occasions to get dressed up now than I did a couple of years ago.”

    While the world waits to discover what fresh hell the Mad Men writers will make Megan endure this season, Paré’s lips are sealed. “One of the writers said, ‘We’re having a good time putting Megan through the wringer,’” she says. “But I love every single second I spend on set. Jon Hamm (who plays Don Draper) is the ultimate. He’s gorgeous, super-talented and so solid.” In front of the camera, Paré is totally at ease, but she has never modeled. “My mom took me

    “Towards the END, we were all AFFECTED by the story lines and saying GOODBYE to the show”

    Dress by Jason Wu

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