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    When Juliette Lewis arrives at The Edit’s shoot, she shakes her long hair out of a big woolly hat, takes off her coat and immediately goes to greet the team of stylists awaiting her, ready to get to work.

    Best known for playing complex characters that are ingrained into cultural consciousness – Natural Born Killers’ murderous Mallory Knox, for one – Lewis has recently returned to acting after six years on the road performing with her band. But if I was expecting a woman as wild and outrageous as her career choices, I am soon to be disappointed. The only shocking thing about Lewis is her engaging warmth and chatty enthusiasm.

    As she settles into the makeup chair, the LA-native admits she wasn’t always at ease with photographers and stylists. “My parents raised the rebel in me,” she says. “When I was starting out, I had this aversion to makeup. My first photoshoot, I was so naïve, I assumed they were going to take my picture, just me – no makeup, in my own clothes – like they would Robert De Niro.”

    The daughter of an actor father and a graphic designer mother, Lewis exploded onto the scene at 18, starring opposite De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s 1991 film Cape Fear, earning her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations. Within four years, she worked with a string of extraordinary directors: Oliver Stone, Woody Allen and Kathryn Bigelow among them. “I just went for parts that would keep my interest,” Lewis says of her roles. “I never wanted to do two-dimensional characters.”

    Although she loved acting, she struggled with the Hollywood promotional machine. “I didn’t understand the glamor of getting dressed up and going to parties,” she explains. “I wasn’t concerned with learning how to fake it.”

    At 22, Lewis entered rehab for

    “I didn’t understand
    the glamor of HOLLYWOOD. I wasn’t concerned with learning how to FAKE IT”

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