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  • usual caffeine fix for a super juice is an easy way to fast-track your detox (Gwyneth Paltrow swears that a morning shot of the green stuff is as “energizing as a cup of coffee”).
    The bikini cheat: Health-focused pro-juice bars are taking over from coffee shops as a daily neccessity and are proliferating at a fantastic rate, so you should find a local company with ease. Look for services such as the Pro Cleanse by San Francisco’s The Juice Shops – an all-green juice package that includes immune-boosting blue-green algae shots and aloe to soothe stressed digestive tracts, with results seen by day four ( New York’s Renovation Cleanse at Blue Print Cleanse ( is a good starting point for the juicing novice and if you don’t deviate at all from the six fruit and vegetable juices delivered per day, you will be rewarded with up to 6lbs of weight loss in one week. If you need a little guidance, London’s latest juice hotspot, The Juice Well (, offers

    in-house juicers, naturopaths and health experts who will help you choose the right super-food smoothies and juices for your body, from the base ingredients to extra supplements. We love the potent Green & Lean juice, which is packed with pulverized kale, cucumber, spinach and watercress.
    The pro tip: Traveling on the red-eye? Do a one-day juice program before you head to the airport so you can avoid the tempting yet bloating plane food.

    2 days before:


    The lowdown: The UK’s fashion set has been pilgrimaging for years to one particular pharmacy in south London, Dulwich Health (, which sells OxyTech tablets. A cocktail of oxygen, vitamin C and magnesium oxide, they will help clear clogged intestines by fizzing away debris.
    The bikini cheat: Take the tablets on a Friday morning and plan a quiet weekend at home to cope with the unavoidable ‘elimination

    Tone-up tips

    1. When detoxing, it is essential to slow down your pace of life, otherwise you will exhaust your adrenal glands and encourage the body to store fat. Getting plenty of sleep will aid your efforts.

    2. Body brush upwards from toes to neck before taking a bath to speed absorption of any essential oils you soak in. Work over your problem areas again after your bath while your skin is warm.

    3. Why juice? “Juicing removes the insoluble fiber from fruit and veg so we get more of the benefits without digestive problems,” says The Juice Well co-owner Joe Cross. Make like a model by keeping a sachet of super-greens in your bag (try Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Green Superfood from or Vital Greens from

    4. If you decide to make your own super-food blend, do as the nutritionists do and add the zest of a lemon, a few sprigs of fresh mint and chopped ginger for extra kick.

    process’. In 48 hours, your stomach will be streamlined.
    The pro tip: Drink lots of water to ensure the supplement is as effective as possible.

    1 day to go:


    The lowdown: The Strand spa

    in Hong Kong ( is a haven for a body in need of some fine-tuning. Sweat out toxins with a Detoxifying Marine Body Wrap, then follow with the salon’s vigorous “Tone Me” thigh massage – a 100-minute scrub, wrap and massage treatment – which uses horse chestnut extract to help eliminate cellulite, strengthen capillaries and improve sluggish circulation for toned, radiant skin.
    The bikini cheat: The insider’s shortcut to sylph-like hips is a lavish application of algae-rich Guam Beauty Mud. It’s long been a favored trick of swimwear models, thanks to its ability to help shed excess water and tighten up the skin. Apply the mud yourself, or book in for a treatment (see for stockists and salon locations) that includes body brushing and a heated bed to speed up the effects.
    The pro tip: Book an exercise class before your wrap treatment. The increased blood flow will ensure even faster firming results.

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