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  • Beauty: Natural Remedy
    As any bohemian will tell you, natural is best. The Edit’s nutritionist, ROSEMARY FERGUSON, reveals nature’s alternatives to protect you from life’s daily toxins

    Look around any health food store and you will find a host of teas, remedies and kits – everything you need to purge your body of its ‘toxic load’. This is the term given by detox devotees to the level of environmental poisons affecting our bodies. It was only when I trained as a nutritionist that I realized we are inundated with man-made chemicals that affect our health. And while our bodies are designed to detox by themselves, we are not equipped to deal with the amount of pollutants we now face.

    Toxins may be absorbed via the skin, food chain or simply

    breathed in. They include pesticides on crops and antibiotics and hormones given to meat-producing animals. Air pollution includes ozone, paint fumes and fuel gases. Some toxins – called Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) – have been linked to disruptions to the endocrine, reproductive and immune systems, from skin problems to headaches, joint pain and fatigue and, in extreme cases, to cognitive disorders such as ADHD and heavy-metal poisoning. But while we can’t eliminate our exposure to toxins, we can limit it. Here are my rules to lighten the load.

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    Edited: Danielle Fox. Photographer: Philip Sinden. Styling: Natalie Brewster. Fashion assistant: Kelly Hogarth. Art direction: Gemma Stark. Makeup: Kate Lindsey. Hair: Yoshitaka Miyazaki at Untitled Artists. Production: Asha Joneja

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