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    Watford, a suburb known as the border between London and the north of the United Kingdom, is not usually recognized as the most fashionable of areas, and it is certainly not where you would expect to find Claudia Schiffer, one of the world’s most iconic supermodels. However, for the last four months, Schiffer has been based at the nearby Warner Brothers Studios, working on a movie with her husband of 12 years, British director and producer Matthew Vaughn.

    "I’ve helped on all his films before," says Schiffer of Vaughn’s back-catalogue, which includes Stardust and the Kick-Ass franchise, "but over the years I’ve got more and more involved and my husband is more involved in my projects, so we’ve moved everything closer together."

    Released next year, The Secret Service focuses on a gentlemen’s tailor in London providing the front for a group of spies. Schiffer is working as executive producer, but as the film concerns fashion, she is also overseeing the interiors,

    props, wardrobe, hair and makeup.

    All of which is a natural remit for a woman who is best known for blazing a trail with the ’90s supers, giving Chanel and Versace a bombshell image, slipping into leaving-little-to-the-imagination bustiers for Guess? campaigns and lately, for unconsciously shaming women into not dropping their children off at school while wearing their pajamas.

    From 2010 until early last year, the model was photographed daily on the school run in north-west London, immaculately clad in a uniform of skinny jeans, cashmere knits, designer boots, sunglasses and Bardot-blonde hair. So obsessed were the paparazzi, that Schiffer and Vaughn decided to move to rural Suffolk in the south east of England with their children: Caspar, 11, Clementine, nine,

    “When I STARTED modeling, I wouldn’t speak. I HATED being the center of attention”

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