• Destination Happiness, wherever it may be, and she wants to involve as few people as possible who might mess it up on the way. “I’ve had people show up in my life and then start using me,” she says.
    “So-called friends who weren’t friends. I’ve been hurt, I’ve been used, but that’s life.” This doesn’t sound cold coming from Kass, but empowered, strong, born of the courage of conviction. “If you get stuck to pain, you can’t move forward,” she continues. “I don’t really trust anyone. I trust my boyfriend. And I trust my mum, too. I’m not afraid.”

    Not only is Kass unafraid, she is excited, full of plans and confidence. “I want to buy a house with a vineyard in Italy and open a B&B,” she says. “I’ve been looking for a long time but I have something specific in my mind. I’ll [model] as long as there are offers, too. No surgery, but if I’m gray and wrinkled and someone still wants to photograph me then fine. For me it was always about having the work, enjoying

    “I’ve been HURT, but that’s LIFE. If you get stuck to pain, you can’t move FORWARD”

    the work, making the money, rather than, ‘Oh, I’m fabulous, I’m famous.’ So many of these [models] you see on Facebook [with] all these pictures with stars; they push [their fame] more. But I never have done…” Kass trails off to correct herself, “apart from Bill Clinton. But that’s because he was one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met. Tony Blair however...” Kass widens her doe eyes, referring to the time she met the former British Prime Minister when she was running for European Parliament. “He scared me,” she giggles.

    Pizza demolished, Kass pulls on her leather jacket and prepares to hit the road for the next leg of her journey, and the next adventure.

    Dress by Valentino; sandals by Isabel Marant; (right arm) wide cuff by Maiyet, cuff by Chloé; (left arm) cuff by Chloé


    Hair: Karin Bigler. Makeup: Sandra Cooke. Nails: Trish Lomax at Premier. Fashion assistant: Hannah Cole

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