• brightly. “Together we’re one voice, a complete sound.”

    The twins thrive when they are in close contact, but with a bit of space. “We had an apartment together, but we only lived there for two months before both of us got boyfriends and moved in with them,” says Elektra. How do the boyfriends cope with their closeness? “If you get one of us you get the other too,” shrugs Elektra. “We’re protective of each other.”

    “I know what she’s thinking just by looking at her. We’re extremely

    “We’re both great on our own, but TOGETHER we’re more powerful. We’re one VOICE, a COMPLETE sound”

    in sync,” says Miranda. “We can grasp a situation from one another without saying anything.”

    The girls are so alike, yet so subtly different, that it makes
    them fascinating to watch. But

    they don’t play up their symmetry. There is the hair, for a start, dyed to different ends of the spectrum; Miranda loves flats, while Elektra loves heels. However, they both share a love of ’70s romanticism: chiffon, pearls and maroon velvet, sometimes with a little androgyny. They both adore Bowie, Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling and the Rolling Stones. “But you can’t copy that style as we’re not in that era,” says Elektra. “It doesn’t work. You have to find your own style. We like to mix things up.”

    On stage the twins don’t wear costumes, preferring to give themselves over to the performance. “I don’t want to be thinking about my clothes. I want to be comfortable, empowered…” Oh, and the fabric has to be breathable. “I found a wonderful high-necked, flared black jumpsuit in a vintage shop in LA,” says Miranda. “Quite Abba, you know? But after five minutes on stage, I couldn’t breathe. I was so hot. I’m never wearing synthetic silk again.” Elektra is laughing at her sister

    loudly. Do the sisters have the same sense of humor? They answer in unison: “Yes.” Do they play tricks on each other? “Yes.” For example? “We do mean things,” says Elektra. “I put my number on withheld and called her on Saturday. I did heavy breathing and freaked her out. I let it go on for ages until her

    boyfriend took the phone… [angry voice] ‘Who is this?’”

    Miranda gets her revenge, of course. “I say, ‘Elektra, I have really bad news.’ ‘What?’ ‘I can’t tell you…’” They are now doubled up with laughter. Oh, the joy of being a twin.
    Say Lou Lou’s single, Everything We Touch, is out April 21.

    Miranda & Elektra’s go-to pieces

    Elektra “I like things that don’t look new, but like they’re from the ’70s.”

    Miranda “My fail-safe accessory is a structured hat. I don’t like big, floppy styles.”

    Miranda wears: Shirt by Theory; jeans by Frame Denim; ring by Monica Vinader; necklace (worn as bracelet) by Kenneth Jay Lane. Elektra wears: Shirt by Temperley London; jeans by Stella McCartney; earrings by Maria Black; bracelets by Arme de L’Amour


    Art direction: Gemma Stark. Hair: Lyndell Mansfield at CLM. Makeup: Mel Arter at CLM. Styling assistant: Kelly Hogarth. Photographer’s assistant: Benedikt Frank

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