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  • 2. The Liquid

    Hyaluronic acid has long been a staple ingredient in the best face creams. Loved for its ability to attract water to the skin’s surface, it plumps and smooths dehydrated, weather-beaten faces. Now there is a new generation of hyaluronic acids that work deeper, faster and more efficiently, not only plumping skin, but actually filling wrinkles.

    Natura Bissé High Density Lift contains two newly engineered hyaluronic acids that penetrate skin at the deepest level, plumping and smoothing like never before. It also includes hyaluronic acid molecules that work to form an invisible ‘mesh’ under the skin’s surface, which creates an impressive internal lifting action. Cheeks are visibly plumped

    “It penetrates skin at the DEEPEST level, to plump and SMOOTH like NEVER before”

    and slack jowls are tightened. Prepare to be amazed.

    3. The Luminizer

    Scientists have discovered that compounds in our skin called glycans play a crucial role in cell communication, which is needed to keep skin looking peachy and youthful. As we get older, our skin’s capacity to cope with stress is significantly impaired; cell communication breaks down and wrinkles form.

    Coming to the rescue is YSL’s new Or Rouge range. Or Rouge’s

    “Cheeks are VISIBLY PLUMPED and slack jowls are TIGHTENED. Prepare to be amazed”

    key ingredient – a delicate saffron extract sourced from the High Atlas mountains in Morocco – bonds to these glycans to increase cell communication, dramatically improving uneven skin tone, dullness, redness and age spots. Be warned: like saffron itself, this stuff

    is like gold dust. We predict a stampede.

    4. The Scalp Savior

    Working on the premise that great hair comes from a healthy scalp, tricologist Ricardo Vila Nova (who has a series of chic hair clinics across the globe), is offering high-tech treatments for tired and flaky scalps.

    Designed to correct damage inflicted by poor diets, stress and hormonal imbalances, his bespoke treatments are dictated by a DNA hair analysis. First, he examines a few hair strands under a microscope, before prescribing high-strength, hand-blended protein masks that are massaged onto your head. Next, a special laser is shone directly onto the scalp to stimulate follicles and increase circulation. For those that have issues with thinning hair, Vila Nova can use a series of prescription-strength vitamin microinjections to encourage new hair growth. The results are truly revolutionary.

    MIRACLE WORKERS The latest products deliver spa-worthy transformations at home

    YSL’s Or Rouge range looks as beautiful as its results

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