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  • 5. The Trouble-shooter

    Multi-tasking skincare just threw another ball in the air, with a clever time-release formula that unleashes different active ingredients at precisely timed intervals for varying degrees of the wow-effect. Spearheading the trend is the This Works Time Dose Mask.

    Designed with busy schedules in mind, this face mask offers multiple benefits, depending how long you are free to surrender your skin. A 10-minute application offers intense hydration, as aquaxyl – an ingredient derived from sugar – improves the water reserves in your skin. Leave on for 20 minutes for a light exfoliation as the formula’s resurfacing fruit acids kick in, or leave it on overnight (the gel-like texture melts into the skin)

    “The time-release formula UNLEASHES ACTIVE ingredients at precise INTERVALS”

    to experience a more radical renewal as extracts of prickly pear work to resurface the entire face.

    6. The Hair Hero

    Bringing hope to the fine-haired and follically challenged, Hollywood hair guru Philip B has created new Insta-Thick Hair Thickening Spray. Part dry-shampoo, part new-wave hairspray, it works to absorb any oil at the roots of hair to give you Beyoncé-like bounce. It also contains acrylic fibres that bond to individual hair shafts causing a stacking effect, so fine hairs swell and stand to attention. Unlike the power hairsprays of old, Insta-Thick lacks any stickiness and doesn’t make your hair go crispy, allowing your fingers – or someone else's – to easily run through it. Just one spray lasts the whole day – a work of hair-styling genius.

    7. The Airbrush Effect

    You no longer have to subject yourself to grueling detox regimes and pious purges to obtain that elusive rosy glow. This season’s

    “It tightens PORES and BRIGHTENS skin to deliver that longed-for YOUTHFUL glow”

    most serious skin pick-me-up, By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum, acts like a pair of sheer tights to take the sallowness out of skin and correct and repair surface flaws. Harnessing the power of stem cells extracted from roses, this product is all about radiance. The formula camouflages hollowness (dark shadows under the eyes), reduces pore size and brightens skin to deliver that longed-for youthful glow. It also contains extracts of clarifying white rose; pink rose to smooth and soothe; and black rose, which acts as a free-radical fighter. Like all By Terry products, the texture is a revelation, too, penetrating skin at lightening speed. Results are so convincing that you may even be persuaded to ditch your foundation. Forever.

    This multi-tasking mask can be tailored to your skin’s needs

    By Terry Cellularose delivers youthful radiance

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