• 10. “I used to live, breathe, eat and sleep ballet,” she says. “It was such a passion of mine. It taught me about movement, how to be self-aware, how to bring life to a picture, how to bring life to clothing, and also just basic discipline and strength. It was the best training I could’ve had for the fashion industry.”

    Modeling came into Kloss’ life at 13 years old, when a family friend asked her to walk in a charity fashion show. “These scouts were there, and they were like, ‘We really believe in you. If you want to pursue this, we can’t help you find the right New York agency, but let’s start you in Chicago. And let’s wait until you hit 5ft 10 or 5ft 11.’”

    At the time, Kloss was 5ft 7in. But by age 15, she had grown four inches. “I definitely experienced growing pains,” she says, running her hand down the black Frame Denim jeans she is wearing, teamed with a sheer polka-dot Burberry blouse and black flats. “I remember my arms hurt, and my legs hurt, I was tired and hungry. I

    “[My Frame Denim collaboration has] been really FUN – I’ve gotten a LIFETIME of perfect-fitting JEANS out of it”

    could eat anything I wanted and it would just disappear. I had a very fast metabolism, and also I was dancing so much, I couldn’t eat food quickly enough to keep up with how fast I was growing.”

    Being the tallest girl in school is something Kloss will never forget: “I was always taller than my peers and my sisters. Forget a boyfriend – I was taller than all the boys, and they were scared to come and talk to me.” She also struggled with finding jeans that were long enough and that fit in the right places, which eventually led to her current collaboration, Forever Karlie with Frame Denim: jeans specifically for women over 6ft tall, with a 40in inseam. “I’ve always wanted to design a pair of jeans that would be long enough to cover my ankles,” she says, beaming. “I

    Athletic option: jeans by Frame Denim. Jacket by Givenchy; shoes by Robert Clergerie

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