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  • Jacket and skirt by Balmain; bodysuit by Stella McCartney

    City in seven-inch heels!"

    Even on the red carpet, Rhoda has a way of making glamor look fuss-free. Memorable outfits include the black leather leggings under a Wes Gordon lace blouse for 2013's Met Ball. Her must-have beauty items when dressing up? "A smoky eye and Nars Dragon Girl Lip Liner." As for the secret to her luminous glow, Rhoda cites squalene oil and pawpaw ointment. She works out every day, at fitness guru Tracy Anderson's gym or her local SoulCycle. "The good thing about working out is that I don't have to eat kale chips," she smiles.

    Last November, Rhoda became engaged to her boyfriend of four years, former New York Rangers ice hockey star Sean Avery. They have yet to set a wedding date and, incredibly, she has barely even thought about her dress. "I think

    “I would love to get into ACTING. That would be CHALLENGING, but in a GOOD way”

    I'll lean toward something simple," she demurs. "I loved Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's wedding gown."

    In the meantime, the two enjoy quiet weekends together: "I'm a homebody," Rhoda admits. "I love having friends over and cooking." She's a conscientious user of social media, posting to Twitter and Instagram daily. Does she think about building her brand, as other models have done? "Definitely," she replies. She hosted the live stream at last year's Met Ball, interviewing celebrities and designers on the red carpet. And last month, she went to the Super Bowl to file interviews for TV channel, Extra. "I would love to get into acting. That would be fun and challenging and a little scary, but in a good way."

    Whatever path she takes, Rhoda plans to implement the same attitude she took in her earliest modeling days: "Perseverance and determination are key," she says, smiling confidently. You have no reason to doubt her.


    Makeup: Chiho Omae at Frank Reps. Hair: Shin Arima at Frank Reps. Set design: Erik Badger. Fashion assistant: Hannah Cole

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