• Her greatest role left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Now, the actress is aiming to revolutionize global gender inequality

    Photographs by THOMAS WHITESIDE
    Styling by TRACY TAYLOR

    Geena Davis has blazed a Hollywood trail or two in her time. She’s even had a crack at an Olympic one, taking 24th place in the qualifiers to represent the US in archery, aged 43. But the current path she is attempting to clear is undoubtedly the most important yet.

    In 1991, when Davis and Susan Sarandon drove a Ford Thunderbird off a sheer cliff in Thelma & Louise, choosing death rather than jail, audiences of both genders responded to their declaration of female independence with alacrity. Two smart women as the lead roles,

    Sweater by Maison Martin Margiela


    Words: Jennifer Dickinson

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