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  • for most of its decade-plus run.

    Today, love-flushed, Saldana opens up a little about the man she had known socially for “a while”. Aside from cooking, he’s passionate about playing soccer, something his wife appreciates: “I’m fortunate to be challenged by an artist who also pushes himself.”

    And this, too, is what makes Zoe Saldana tick. Not many actors could take on action roles, the satanically troubled Rosemary, and the hugely misunderstood Nina Simone – Saldana plays the bipolar singer in upcoming biopic, Nina. “It was painful,” she says quietly of the project, in which she also sings. “It’s still hard for me to talk about it, because it’s not finished yet.”

    She enjoys a challenge, though: diagnosed aged “five or six” with Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as a mild form of dyslexia, her

    “I don’t CARE what people think. I can’t fake it. I follow my HEART or my friends’ ADVICE”

    condition may explain her drive, her myriad, concurrent projects, her hand-waving expressiveness.

    “I don’t care what people think,” Saldana says. “If I did, I’d be at a different place in life, but I don’t. I can’t fake it. I follow my heart or my friends’ advice. Petra Flannery, my stylist [responsible for the sheer Rodarte dress Saldana wore for last year’s Star Trek Into Darkness premiere], is paramount when it comes to my fashion radar; she pushes me to evolve.”

    While the actress has ambition, her focus is on tomorrow. “I have ADD, I’m a Gemini and I get bored quickly. So my next challenge is to direct, because I’m getting tired of just being a particle in the whole telling of the story. I want to be more. I want to be there from its conception.” Watch out, Hollywood: Zoe Saldana has only just begun. But before all that, there’s a more immediate priority: a Chinese banquet that needs demolishing...
    Blood Ties is out on March 21

    Dress by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi; sandals by Emanuel Ungaro; bag by Burberry Prorsum


    Art direction: Jon Wetherell. Hair: Wendy Iles at Artlist Paris. Makeup: Vera Steinberg at Criterion Group. Nails: Lucia Cheptene at B4 Agency. Set design: Alexandre Bock. Fashion assistant: Charlotte Blazeby

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