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  • “I am way more WILD in my CHARACTERS than I am in real life... It’s cool to IMAGINE what that would be like”

    taxis) from Park Slope, Brooklyn, where Gyllenhaal – star of cult S&M movie Secretary and elder sister of actor Jake – lives with her husband, actor Peter Sarsgaard (Blue Jasmine) and their two daughters, Ramona, seven, and Gloria Ray, two.

    Wearing beaten-up Dicker boots, a fisherman’s sweater through which her white bra shows and fluoro-pink lipstick, Gyllenhaal, 36, looks like the Queen of the Indie Flick, as expected. But see beyond the dime-store lipstick (that she buys in bulk) and the effortless mop of hair (which she dyed platinum blond days after The EDIT’s shoot, inspired by our stylist, Karina) and there is no mistaking her Hollywood starlight. There is just something about

    those sparkling blue-green eyes, that wry, confident smile... Yes, those Gyllenhaal siblings have got ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is.

    The reason we are here? To talk about her two latest projects. Firstly, a BBC/Sundance TV spy thriller, The Honourable Woman, in which she plays “an English Jewish billionaire heiress who is trying to broker peace in the Middle East”, out later this year. Then there is Frank, a black comedy about an experimental rock band, in which Michael Fassbender, her co-star, wears a massive papier-mâché mask throughout. “I told him he’s never looked better,” shrugs Gyllenhaal.

    The daughter of Emmy Award-nominated director Stephen Gyllenhaal and Oscar-nominated scriptwriter Naomi Foner, Maggie and Jake had supporting roles in their parents’ projects from early ages. Their mother, in particular, was always very encouraging, telling Maggie she could be the best at anything she wanted to be – a habit she

    Dress by DKNY; earrings by Maria Black; ring by Repossi

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