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    Right now, when it comes to true sex appeal, the key is to cover up, says convert CHRISTA D’SOUZA

    If you could transport yourself back to an era, which one would it be? I am talking strictly from a style point of view, obviously, because as lovely as it would have been to wear one of those exquisitely beaded bodices that ladies wore in the Tudor period, it would be horrid to brush one’s teeth with salt and powdered rabbit.

    If I had to narrow it down to just one decade, I would pick the ’50s; the era of the ‘sweater girl’, when Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and Kim Novak reigned. My God, did Kim Novak know how to rock knits and sweetheart necklines. Take a look at the hunter-green sweater she

    Kim Novak epitomized demure-yet-sexy style in curve-contouring knits


    Photograph: Picture Desk/Kobal Collection

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